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Castillo Mining

Harris Gomez Group (“HGG”) established itself in Chile as a binational legal agency, with a capability to provide legal services for Australian companies operating in Chile while maintaining compliance obligations in both Australia and Chile. That HGG has been successful at this is self-evident in that it has survived and thrived, with branches established in Argentina, Peru and Colombia. In my experience of HGG and that, which distinguishes it, is the personal service and initiative. As a small client, I have always been treated as someone special, a rare privilege from a legal entity. I am highly impressed with initiative shown by Harris and his staff in coming up with unique solutions to intractable problems, which shows that they think beyond the legal aspect but consider the true implications of situations to clients. This attitude reflects in HGG’s willingness to share its knowledge of the Chilean and wider Latin American regulatory environment through its newsletters, which are written for non-legalpeople to understand, as well as Harris’ willingness to connect people with common interests at no personal gain to himself.

Nicholas Lindsay

Managing Director, Castillo Copper